In response to the information you provide on your reseller application form we will determine that you are a Reseller customer by our definition. A Solwise reseller is a business that either resells the items they buy from us via their website, via their shop, or directly to customers. We also class solution providers as resellers, this means if you sell a solution which includes a router of ours, for instance, then you would qualify for reseller pricing. If you are a builders merchant that is looking to buy an antenna for your building then you would not qualify as a reseller, this is reseller pricing, not trade pricing. If you qualify as a reseller this means that:

1. You will get advantageous pricing.

2. You will be responsible for determining 'fitness-for-purpose' on behalf of the end user and deciding whether any advice we offer is accurate and applicable.

3. Consumer Protection law will not apply to your purchases from us.

4. You will be responsible for providing first-line technical support to your end users.

5. As a result of continuing development the specification or design of goods may vary.

6. Goods are not sold on a trial basis except by prior written contract.


If you wish to be considered for reseller pricing please complete our online application form here


Click here for Solwise full Reseller Terms & Conditions