What is the Teltonika Remote Management System?

Remote Managment System

Teltonika Remote Management System Explained

Teltonika’s Remote Management System (RMS) is a powerful online IoT platform allowing you to remotely monitor and manage all of your compatible Teltonika devices. From 4G routers to IoT gateways to Access Points, RMS can control a wide variety of Teltonika devices with great convenience.

How it works

Teltonika RMS is operated via a quick and intuitive web-based interface where you sign into your RMS account and you are presented with a list of all linked Teltonika devices.

These Teltonika devices have a status showing whether they’re online or offline and can be sorted into groups and sub-groups, known as “companies”. As well as making for neat organisation, this division into companies also allows users with different login credentials to manage sub-companies at lower levels, without having access to the full array of companies and devices above their authorisation.

Linking a Teltonika device to RMS can be done from the interface of the device itself or by inputting the device’s serial number into the RMS system. To actually monitor and manage each device, a licence credit must be assigned to that device. These licence credits can be bought in bulk and are assigned to one device for one month before expiring, new credits can be assigned to devices on a monthly rolling basis.

All RMS communications are performed on encrypted channels complying with strict CIS v7 guidelines, ensuring complete security.

Why it should be used

Teltonika RMS is an extremely valuable platform for anyone operating multiple Teltonika devices across different sites, particularly if those different sites are particularly remote from each other. This is because it allows those Teltonika devices to be centrally managed from any location, without sacrificing the time and expense that would be required to physically visit each remote location.

Another benefit of using Teltonika’s RMS is the ability to use RMS connect – this is a paid service that acts as a gateway to create time-limited proxy links to any other non-Teltonika equipment on the same network as an RMS device, effectively doing the job of port forwarding without needing a public IP address or any special firewall configuration.

Teltonika RMS also offers VPN services for unlimited clients via the same intuitive web-based interface, something which will be valuable for any user wanting to make use of VPNs.

When would you not need it?

As powerful, and as useful, as Teltonika RMS is, its nature as a remote management system means there is very little reason to use it for most domestic users who are simply wanting a single Teltonika router to use in their house, boat or campervan. The system is designed primarily for those that operate multiple Teltonika devices across various remote locations.

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Author: Daniel Coombs