Earn cash back with Poyntonia

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Whether you are using Poynting antenna at your house or office, in your car, camper or as part of a M2M or Industrial Solution, we want to see more.

We would like to introduce Poyntonia, a portal where you can submit photos and videos featuring Poynting antennas.

Poynting want your stories about their antennas, how you use them and what difference they make.

Scan to earn cash back

What do you have to do?

STEP 1: Take photos and/or videos featuring Poynting antennas.
STEP 2: Share it on as many social media channels that you want (you get paid for the top four!).
STEP 3: Register on Poyntonia.
STEP 4: Upload your content and show us where you shared it.
STEP 5: Wait for your POYNTS (cash), in the form of an Amazon Gift Card.

Some things to remember:

  • First come, first serve: There is a limited prize pot that has been approved by the number crunchers. Once the money runs out – we won’t accept any submissions till the next round. (Keep an eye on the “Poynts in Circulation” bar at the top of the site)
  • There are terms and conditions.
  • 1 Poynt = 1 ZAR (South African Rand)
  • Multiply your Poynts by posting on social media and tagging #poynting and #poyntonia.
  • You are of the first people that will be using Poyntonia – if something goes wrong please tell us quickly by contacting the Poyntonia Team.

Why Poyntonia and the sexiest frog on the internet?

When we decided to call the portal Poyntonia, we searched the internet to see if it something or place like this exists and found that there is a little frog called Poyntonia. It has a red-orange vertebral stripe and is named after J.C. Poynton, a notable herpetologist who worked in Southern Africa!

You can read more about the real Poyntonia froggie here.