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Poynting WaveHunter

We are excited to invite you to participate in the upcoming Poynting online training program, designed specifically for professionals.

TRAINING OVERVIEW: This comprehensive free and exclusive training program aims to elevate your expertise and make you a WaveHunter Certified Professional. The training is divided into two essential parts, each crucial and mandatory, for acquiring an in-depth understanding of the product and its advanced functionalities.


Part 1: February 7th: 1pm (CET) - Register Here
Part 2: February 8th: 1pm (CET) - Register Here

We look forward to seeing you at the training sessions and witnessing your success as you progress towards becoming a WaveHunter Certified Professional.

Poynting WaveHunter

WaveHunter revolution

The WaveHunter enclosures are designed to fit a variety of router and networking modules, transforming the antenna enclosure into a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

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Poynting WaveHunter

Benefits of Certification

This certification not only validates your expertise but also opens doors to exclusive opportunities, including access to advanced features, priority support, and recognition within our professional community.

Poynting WaveHunter

Certification Exam

Once you've gone through the training you will be invited to pass an exam in order to successfully become a WaveHunter Certified Professional.

If you have any queries or questions on the training or the Poynting product range please do let us know.

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