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Updated March 2024 - system no longer available

Do you work with businesses in which strong and wide-ranging public WiFi is paramount? Are you looking to quickly and simply expand your business's social media profile and subsequently draw attention from more and more customers? EnGenius Cloud Facebook WiFi is a new wireless service that allows you to achieve all of this in just 20 minutes of easy setup and is ideal for any Small and Midsize Businesses such as cafes, schools, gyms, hospitals, and salons

Facebook Wi-Fi makes it simple for businesses to offer complimentary Wi-Fi as an amenity to their customers. Businesses have the ability to customise the connection length and integrate their Facebook page and Instagram profile for users to engage with. EnGenius Cloud integrates the latest Facebook Wi-Fi feature into its access points, allowing business owners to provide free Wi-Fi to their customers quickly. SMBs can use the EnGenius Cloud To-Go app to install the easy plug-and-play access point and enable Facebook and Instagram Wi-Fi in seconds.

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EnGenius Cloud Facebook WiFi greatly simplifies the process for customers connecting to the WiFi: rather than requiring a password, the WiFi signal can be left open and customers will instead just need to provide their Facebook or Instagram login details and connect using their Facebook or Instagram accounts. The customer will arrive on the business's social media account and be prompted to engage with it, liking and/or following the page and being shown your own notices and advertisements on the latest deals and offers available to them.

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This increased engagement will boost business' success with social media algorithms, improve the chances that customers will remember and return to the business and increase the likelihood with which new potential visitors (particularly the friends of current customers) will encounter the businesses Facebook and Instagram pages.

In this beneficial new system, an EnGenius Cloud ECW Access Point will be used in businesses to broadcast WiFi throughout the area (if one AP isn't enough to provide adequate wireless coverage across the whole area, multiple APs can be used with seamless roaming between them). With this robust wireless infrastructure in place to ensure a strong and consistent experience for customers using the WiFi, you can then configure the Facebook WiFi service by going through the simple step-by-step wizard in the EnGenius Cloud To-Go app (or by using the online Cloud web interface). You will be able to enter in the links to the business Facebook page, as well as their Instagram page if they have one, and customise how much time a customer can stay connected to the WiFi before being prompted to sign in again.


Facebook WiFi

                                                                                                                                                                              Among the various benefits of EnGenius Cloud WiFi for businesses is the valuable insight it provides analytics: using the EnGenius Cloud interface, you're able to see data and statistics on how many WiFi check-ins are via Facebook WiFi, how many are new or returning visitors and how many check-ins over time have been one-time visitors or returning visitors. Such data allows you to perform a comprehensive analysis of the customer base and react accordingly. Another benefit to using EnGenius Cloud Facebook WiFi is that more customers who search for locations nearby using Facebook WiFi will come across and visit the establishment that might not have done otherwise, increasing the number of avenues in which people can come across your client's business.

EnGenius is the first and currently only WiFi AP vendor to support both Facebook AND Instagram for this kind of service. This is significant because, although Facebook sees near-ubiquitous use among older generations, Instagram is the social media platform of choice for Millenials and Generation Z. Instagram support is consequently a great way to appeal to customers in this demographic, improving their experiences when visiting businesses and making it more likely that others will see your presence online and be drawn in to visit directly. Facebook WiFi is sophisticated enough in that it not only allows you to target existing customers of your business using advertisements and notices but also groups on social media that fit similar demographic profiles to your existing customers that haven't visited you yet.


With the EnGenius Cloud To-Go app, business owners can easily set up EnGenius access points to allow customers quick access to the Internet, offering a seamless guest Wi-Fi experience, with the option to connect using either Facebook or Instagram.

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