What is EnGenius Fit?

EnGenius Fit



EnGenius Fit is a new range of equipment including Access Points, switches and controllers designed to create powerful and efficient network environments in a variety of scenarios, all manageable via on-site facilities as well as off-site via cloud-based systems.

This range places a great emphasis on simplicity and ease of use, with network devices being easily configurable within minutes using intuitive web and mobile apps, as well as versatility, with different levels of controller and hardware being available depending on the size of the network environment.

One of the key aspects of the EnGenius Fit range is the way EnGenius has split the management into two options, one being the cloud-based FitXpress solution and the other being the on-premises FitController solution.


EnGenius App

FitXpress comes in the form of a web and mobile app and is designed chiefly with the tenants of being easy-to-use and intuitive even for those less experienced when it comes to running their own IT systems. At its simplest, the FitXpress app can be used to scan the QR codes of EnGenius Fit equipment to get the hardware under control in seconds, followed by a clear and concise wizard to configure the WiFi profiles.

FitXpress offers various valuable features, including real-time remote monitoring, guest networks, captive portals and real-time notifications via mobile app and/or email. As a true cloud-based system, FitXpress brings with it the benefits of being able to manage multiple sites simultaneously from anywhere in the world; this is extremely efficient, especially if it averts needing to travel great distances to make any changes to equipment at a remote site.

Because FitXpress is intended primarily for small-scale businesses and other similar environments, it has a limit of up to 8 networks each with 30 APs/switches that can be managed at any one time to keep the program running quickly and smoothly. This, along with its simple guest network and captive portal tools, means that FitXpress is particularly suited to scenarios such as small offices, retail shops, cafes, restaurants and bars.


EnGenius Fit Controller

In contrast to FitXpress, FitController is an on-premises solution operating via a physical hardware controller such as the FITCON-100. This solution comes with numerous enterprise-level features such as VLANs and LLDP, rendering it less suitable for use by those unfamiliar with network management equipment and more targeted towards IT professionals.

FitController having more advanced features does not mean it’s difficult or time-consuming to set up, with the controller having many built-in PoE ports for plug-and-play installation of EnGenius FIT hardware. FitController also excels at ensuring security, supporting local Storage and Control data-encrypted packets.

A single FitController is capable of supporting up to 50 networks and 100 devices, making it more suitable for large-scale network environments such as large multi-site offices with dedicated IT teams.


EnGenius Fit Controller

The EnGenius Fit features a range of WiFi Access Points, PoE switches and the Fit Controller. There are both indoor and outdoor Access Points, and each one supports WiFi 6 for maximum performance and future-proofing. The PoE switches range from 8 ports to 48 ports and most support PoE+ for long-distance power.

Each EnGenius Fit device can be used standalone via its own web-based IP address interfaces if central management isn’t required.


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Author: Daniel Coombs