Local network deployment with EnGenius SkyKey

The Engenius SkyKey is the perfect management tool for any professional network environment, providing immense functionality and efficiency, the convenience of being able to remotely monitor and configure network equipment and simplifying the entire process of network engineering for even inexperienced users.
EnSky Family

How it works

The SkyKey is an incredibly simple device to use: it simply must be plugged into a network through something like a PoE switch. From there, it can be used to monitor and manage all EnGenius Access Points and Switches anywhere on-site (up to a total count of 100) through a sophisticated and intuitive ezMaster interface which can be accessed and utilised regardless of location.




  • 2 x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet ports
  • Expanding Micro SD slot - this allows the SkyKey's configuration to be backed-up, guaranteeing network continuity
  • 802.3af/at PoE compatibility - this allows it to be plugged into any standard PoE switch
  • Local management of up to 100 Engenius APs and switches
  • Wall and magnetic mounting options
  • SSID group settings - this allows for APs to be given shared SSIDs with 802.11k fast-roaming for client devices (perfect for large buildings or sites)
  • SSID captive portal settings - this allows for public hotspot networks to be established with customisable landing pages and differentiating tiers of user access
  • VLAN configuration over SSID - this allows VLAN data to be correctly routed without the need for managed switches
  • Advanced monitoring features - this includes viewing Active Clients information as well as rogue AP detection, to bolster network security
  • Advanced maintenance features such as a remote AP log and bulk-updating for every managed device
  • No additional subscription or licence fees


The flexibility and scalability of the SkyKey makes it perfect for an extremely wide range of network environments, from small-scale offices and domestic homes to large-scale schools, hotels, stadiums and warehouses. It can provide strong and seamless indoor WiFi solutions as well as outdoor WiFi coverage and even wireless-bridging links using the myriad of EnGenius Access Points available.


The SkyKey also makes it much easier and less expensive to upgrade an existing unmanaged network into a managed one, as just one SkyKey plugged into the network will automatically complete the process rather than requiring multiple switches of varying port-numbers connected into each individual AP.


The remote facilities of the SkyKey solution are also a great benefit, particularly for networks in sites that are far away and logistically difficult to reach, as one single network engineer can access, monitor and control multiple networks from all around the country - or even internationally - all from the same interface on one computer.

If you would like further information or to discuss your requirements please do call our sales team on 01482 672872 or pop over an email to sales@solwise.co.uk


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