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OMNI-214 - Poynting Omni-Directional, 4x4 Mimo 5G/LTE Antenna

  • Ultra-wideband, Omni-Directional antenna
  • 4x4 MIMO capability for improved performance
  • Robust, dust and weather-resistant enclosure design (IP65)
  • COAX Cable Length: 2M
  • Covers contemporary LTE/5G bands - 617 – 960 MHz
    1427 – 1517 MHz
    1710 – 2700 MHz
    3400 – 3800 MHz

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The OMNI-214 is an omni-directional ultra-wideband 5G antenna from Poynting. Designed to cover all frequencies ranging from 617 to 3800 MHz with a balanced and consistent dB gain, peaking at 3.5dBi, this antenna is capable of maintaining a consistent and reliable mobile connection anywhere so long as a mobile signal is present. Not only will it be capable of a strong signal reception in urban locations, but its wide frequency coverage ensures it will excel in rural environments too.

A key feature of the OMNI-214 is its 4x4 MIMO capability. This means it comes with four 2m cables which can be used with a 4x4 MIMO router to allow it to achieve its full potential. As 4x4 MIMO devices increasingly become the norm, 4x4 MIMO support makes this antenna particularly future-proof.

The OMNI-214 has a protection rating of IP65, making it extremely strong at resisting dust and water ingress and capable of being deployed in harsh conditions.

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Gain (Max):
-0.5 dBi @ 617 - 960 MHz
1 dBi @ 1427 - 1517 MHz
3.5 dBi @ 1710 – 2700 MHz
1.8 dBi @ 3400 - 3800 MHz

Gain (Mean):
-2 dBi @ 617 - 960 MHz
-1 dBi @ 1427 - 1517 MHz
0.5 dBi @ 1710 – 2700 MHz
0 dBi @ 3400 - 3800 MHz

Frequency Bands 617 – 960 MHz
1427 – 1517 MHz
1710 – 2700 MHz
3400 – 3800 MHz
VSWR <2:1 across 90% of the bands
Feed power handling 10W
Input impedance 50 Ohm (nominal)
Polarisation Linear Vertical
Coax Cable loss 0.385 dB/m @ 900 MHz
0.507 dB/m @ 1500 MHz
0.565 dB/m @ 1800 MHz
0.666 dB/m @ 2400 MHz
0.788 dB/m @ 3000 MHz
Connector Type SMA (M)
IP Rating IP65 IP Ratings Explained
Temperature Range -40°C to +80°C
Product Dimensions (L x W) 646mm x Ø71mm (Excluding bracket)
Box Contents A-OMNI-0214-V1-01 (Omni-214 - Commercial name)
User Guide Download here 11/03/2024
UKCA Declaration of Conformity Download here 11/03/2024
CE/RoHS  Declaration of Conformity Download here 11/03/2024

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