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Poynting 5G-XPOL-1 (OMNI 2x2 or 4x4 MIMO)

Pre-release information

  • Omni Directional LTE or 5G Antenna
  • Wideband frequency from: 698MHz to 3800 MHz for LTE & 5G
  • Peak Gain 3dBi*
  • 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO derivatives
  • Water & Dust resistant enclosure - IP65
  • Wall, Pole and Window mounting
  • Radome Colour: Brilliant White/Coax cable colour: White

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2x2 Omni antenna

(Mfr part code: A-XPOL-0001-V2-21)

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4x4 Omni antenna

(Mfr part code: XPOL-1-V2-41)


The Poynting XPOL-1-V2 is a cross-polarised omni-directional LTE antenna. Its robust IP65-rated design makes it extremely resistant to harsh external conditions and its radiations patterns are well-controlled to spread itself as evenly as possible while supporting a wide variety of UK frequency bands, as well as being 5G-ready.

The XPOL-1-V2 is available in two variations: the standard V2-21 and the more expensive V2-41. The V2-21 is a 2x2 MIMO antenna, meaning it acts as two antennas built into one and comes with two separate antenna cables for two streams of data. Conversely, the V2-41 is a 4x4 MU-MIMO antenna that acts as four antennas built into, supporting four antenna cables for four separate data streams. A 4x4 antenna such as the V2-41 can therefore, theoretically, achieve double the performance of a 2x2 antenna like the V2-21, although only when used with a 4x4 LTE router which could support the four data streams.

The V2-21 XPOL is a 2X2 MIMO device, whereas the V2-41 XPOL is a 4X4 MIMO device. This refers to how many data streams each antenna can support simultaneously, which essentially boils down to their maximum concurrent data bandwidth. 2X2 devices like the V2-21 contain two antennas, each supporting their own data streams, and 4x4 antennas like the V2-41 contain four antennas for four data streams. Most mobile LTE routers only have support for two data streams, so the V2-41 won't be necessary in most cases unless a 4x4 router is used with support for four LTE data streams.

If you're planning to use the XPOL-A0001 for your mobile solution, consider upgrading to the 5G XPOL-1-V2-21 instead. This allows you to future-proof your network and achieve faster speeds from both the 700MHz and 3400MHz frequency bands.

Antenna XPOL-A0001 XPOL-1-V2-21
5G Support? No Yes
Frequency Bands 790-960 MHz
1710-2700 MHz

698-960 MHz
1710-2700 MHz
3400-3800 MHz

Feed Power Handling 10 W 20 W
Wind Survival <160 km/h <250 km/h


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Download Specification Datasheet
Antenna Derivatives XPOL-0001-V2-21 XPOL-0001-V2-41
Cable 2 x 5m HDF195 4 x 5m HDF195
Connector Type SMA Plugs SMA Plugs
Product Weight 0.75Kg 0.93Kg
Frequency bands 698~960MHz
Max Gain 3dBi 3dBi
Polarisation Cross polarised Cross polarised
Mounting Pole, Window and Wall mount, brackets and suction cups included Pole, Window and Wall mount, brackets and suction cups included
Pre-release specifications: Subject to change    
Details to follow    
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