4G High Capacity Managed Router

4G Managed RouterThe VC4GR is a managed router that will provide fail-over to a second or even third internet connection at your office or site. This ensures that you never lose connection to the internet.

The economics are easy – if you could lose over £1500 by having no internet connection for a whole day then the VC4GR will pay for itself.
(Calculation assumes your internet has 99.999% uptime undertaking from your current supplier)

The VC4GR can bring internet speeds of 20Mb to over 85% of the UK land area and speeds up to 80Mb in many towns and cities.
The VC4GR works anywhere in the world where there is an EE connection or where Vodafone, or a Vodafone partner, offers a 3G/4G data service.
Totally unlimited SIMs – never run out of data.

This managed router can be supplied with IT services, WiFi services, VoIP telephones, and consultancy anywhere in the world for durations from 1 hour to a decade.

The VC4GR is an enterprise-grade 4G/LTE router providing managed connection to the internet via primary or cellular networks.  It has been designed as a robust solution for users who require very high capacity fixed or mobile internet connectivity on demand with or without static IP facilities.  It is the perfect solution for failover backup of critical internet connections such as Fibre, FTTC or DSL.

The VC4GR unit has highly durable connectors for users wishing to redeploy the unit frequently. The unit is constructed with a resilient half-width 1U steel chassis and has removable rack cheeks for standalone operation. An optional Sidecar accessory provides a useful extension for 19” rack format enabling users to integrate their own accessories, fibre tray, patch bay, switches etc. Cut-outs are provided for widely available snap-in Keystone modules available with a range of connectors including RJ45, RJ11/12, BNC and LC Fibre.

LTE Service:

Each VC4GR unit is supplied with pre-installed EE 4G LTE M2M SIM card (two SIM cards in dual radio configuration – either EE and Vodafone or 2 x EE SIMs). The LTE service requires no user configuration.  Purchase of the VC4GR router automatically creates a temporary account for the SIM card(s). Each SIM has totally unlimited data capacity and is ready for use with 250MB or test data.

Hire the VC4GR:

You can hire the VC4GR for short periods to give internet connectivity for events, festivals, conferences, broadcasts, film productions and other requirements.

The VC4GR is ideal for connectivity back-up to ensure that internet connectivity is never lost.  It is also ideal to use if your new connection is delayed and temporary internet services are need.

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