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Single connector Omni for 4G/LTE and 3G

  • Covers all UK and EU LTE (4G) bands
  • Typical 8dBi gain; normal vertical polarised omni
  • Pole mounting kit included
  • N socket connector



An outdoor high gain omni antenna suitable for all of the UK (and EU) LTE/4G frequency bands. Suitable for all UK operators for either 3G or 4G operation. Offers significant improvement above the standard antenna used on general indoor dongles or routers. Needs to be mounted where the antenna will receive a good signal from the transmitter mast. An RF, antenna cable will also be required to run from the antenna to the radio device. Note this antenna only has a single connector so it should only be used for LTE/4G radio devices with a single external aerial connection.

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Download Specification Datasheet
Frequency Range 698~960 MHz 1710~2700 MHz
Gain (dBi) 6dBi 8dBi
Beamwidth E-Plane 40° E-Plane 20°
Polarisation Vertical
Impedance 50 Ω
VSWR -/>2.0 : 1
Maximum Power 50 Watt
Connector N socket
Dimensions (dia x h) 7.6 x 68 cm

Antenna Considerations for 4G/LTE

To try and clarify factors that you need to consider when planning on using an external antenna for your 4G/LTE broadband connection.
With 4G (LTE) services starting to come onto the UK market a lot of users are finding that they are achieving download speeds that are lower than they were expecting to get. Often this can be due to poor reception however there are other factors that need to be understood which can affect the broadband speed.

Hopefully this short article will help explain the implications and considerations the user needs to examine before they can decide the best course of action. Click here to read more