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RUT951 Teltonika Dual SIM 3G/4G M2M Cat4 LTE router

  • 4G/LTE up to 150 Mbps Download and 50 Mbps Upload
  • 4G/LTE (Cat 4), 3G, 2G
  • WAN Failover: Automatic switch to available backup connection
  • WiFi: Wireless Access Point with Hotspot functionality
  • Dual SIM: With auto-failover, backup WAN and other switching scenarios
  • 4x Ethernet interfaces with VLAN functionality
  • Paired with the XPOL1 antenna from Poynting this is an ideal kit to share your 4G connection
  • 18-month warranty
  • Manufactured in Europe
  • Remote Management System available - click here for free demo
  • Do you need a fixed IP SIM?

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    UK & Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Korea, Thailand, India Version - see specifications for frequencies covered


The RUT951 by Teltonika is an updated version of the RUT950, one of our all-time best-selling and most reliable routers. Just like the RUT950, the RUT951 is a 4G LTE Cat 4 router, capable of achieving mobile throughput speeds of up to 150Mbps and built with a robust industrial-grade frame. This router excels in a wide variety of scenarios, from domestic home environments to professional business offices and even industrial environments and vehicles.

The key advantage of the RUT951 is that it utilises a more powerful chipset, Mediatek MT7628, and has a faster 580MHz CPU. This allows the RUT951 to perform even faster and more consistently than the RUT950, particularly noticeable within the smoother web interface.

The router supports four 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports and four antenna interfaces (2x WiFi and 2x Mobile LTE). In addition to the DC PSU included with the device, it can also be powered via 9-30v Power over Ethernet (PoE) through the LAN1 port. This allows for increased versatility when it comes to deciding on the location of the router since it can be a fair distance away from a standard power socket.

This router is compatible with the Teltonika Networks Remote Management System (RMS), enabling secure remote management to save time and expenses.

Remote Management System available - click here for free demo



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  Please note the RUT951 we stock does not cover the Middle East/B40 frequency.
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Mobile Module 4G (LTE) – Cat 4 up to 150 Mbps, 3G – Up to 42 Mbps, 2G – Up to 236.8 kbps
SIM switch 2 SIM cards, auto-switch cases: weak signal, data limit, SMS limit, roaming, no network, network denied, data connection fail, SIM idle protection
Wireless mode IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Access Point (AP), Station (STA)
WiFi users Up to 100 simultaneous connections
Ethernet 1 x WAN port (can be configured to LAN) 10/100 Mbps, compliance IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u standards, supports auto MDI/MDIX
3 x LAN ports, 10/100 Mbps, compliance IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u standards, supports auto MDI/MDIX

The RUT950 supports passive poe on lan port 1. This is NOT 48V. Voltage is 9-30VDC

PoE information

You need to supply passive poe to LAN port 1.

At the injector end you would need the POE-EPE1212 and for the power supply, you could use the PSU095 mentioned on the EPE-1212 page (you could use a lower voltage but 24V will give you the longest lan cable before degradation of the power). Note poe is lan port 1 only and NOT 48V.

Electrical, Mechanical & Environmental
Antennas 2 x SMA for LTE, 2 x RP-SMA for WiFi antenna connectors
Dimensions (H x W x D) 110 x 50 x 100 mm
CPU 580 MHz
Weight 287g
Power supply 4 pin industrial DC power socket
Power consumption < 2 W idle, < 7 W Max
Operating temperature -40 °C to 75 °C
Operating humidity 10% to 90% non-condensing
Sales Flyer Download here 25.08.2022
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UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA) Download here 25.08.2022
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'It is without doubt an exceptionally powerful and versatile device.'

'This may be a solution for anyone that wants to get connected on their seasonal pitch or holiday home when Wi-Fi isn't available.'

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