4G Low Usage SIM cards

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4G from £11 + vat per YEAR!

(plus £10+vat connection fee)

Solwise Low Usage M2M SIM cards are designed for 3G and 4G equipment used for monitoring and Internet of Things (IoT).

SIMs can either be fixed at a pre-defined usage per month (say 25MB or 50MB), or can be left ‘open’ – in which case only the data actually used is charged for.

Low Usage SIM cards are designed for 3G and 4G applications where between 0MB and 250MB per month will be used.

For instance,  from the price list below, if your application will never use more than 5MB in a month, then the SIM can be capped at 5MB and the annual cost will be just £22 for the whole year.

If the true data requirements are not known, the SIM can be left ‘open’ (which usually means a cap of 500MB), and each month only the data actually used will be charged for.  So under 1MB will be charged at £1, 1MB to 5MB at £2.00.

Note that these SIMs can be left totally ‘open’ if required, but should a SIM use over 500MB of data it would be more economic to have the SIM on the high user package.

A portal can be provided which gives access to the EE portal to monitor data usage in real time.

'How are call and SMS handled?'
Outbound Calls and SMS are possible but strongly not recommended!  20p/minute for calls and 10p each for SMS

Typical Applications:

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Tracking devices
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Very occasional use applications where perhaps once or twice a year up to 2GB is used in a month and very low usage at all other times


  • Specifically designed for applications needing under 100MB per month
  • Extremely low cost SIMs – especially if paid annually in advance
  • Portal to monitor data usage on all SIMs
  • Pay ONLY for data used in a month – no commitment to minimum usage per month
  • Effectively no contract commitment as each SIM can be returned by paying at most £40

Example prices :

Data Allowance Price - annually in advance
Once only connection fee £10+VAT
0-250KB £11+VAT
250KB to 1MB £11+VAT
1MB to 5MB £22+VAT
5MB to 25MB £33+VAT
25MB to 50MB £44+VAT
50MB to 100MB £60.50+VAT
100MB to 250MB £110+VAT
250MB to 500MB £132+VAT

Sign Up

For more information or to sign up for this service please complete the following simple form and a representative will contact you to discuss your requirements. (Please note the SIM reps are not based at Solwise HQ, you will need to complete the online form, we will not be able to handle your enquiries at HQ)

Please note that data SIMS do NOT include voice calls or SMS 'texts' in their allowance. Although these items may be supported by the service they they will be charged, typically 10p per minute/text.