4G High Capacity SIM cards

SIM Cards

A Terabyte over 4G!

Emergency and short-term internet access when you really need it.

The Solwise high capacity EE M2M SIM card is ideal for all data uses where it is not known how much data will be used each month – and could range from zero usage up to terabytes!

Each SIM card has an annual ‘keep alive’ fee of £99 which includes 250MB each month – enough for testing and maintaining a continuous connection to the network in fail-over devices.

SIM Cards

If over 250MB is used in any month then this data is charged according to the price list below for that month.  So if most month’s usage is under 250MB then there would be no additional cost for those months.

Should you suddenly have a need for high data usage, then there is no upper limit on the SIM – it can deliver literally terabytes of data,  though we can apply a cap if you prefer.

Although the SIM is nominally on a 3-year agreement, this can be cancelled at any time by returning the SIM and paying a £40 disconnection fee.

If you are in one of the few areas where EE data coverage is not as good as Vodafone, then we can provide Vodafone SIMs on the same package.

Typical Applications:

  • Data for festivals, conferences and one-off events where data usage may be high
  • Data fail-over – a resilient connection to ensure home or office never loses connectivity
  • 4G data users who have fluctuating data usage each month.  These SIMs eliminate the need to commit to a contract for your maximum data usage!


  • No commitment to data usage – yet unlimited data is available!
  • Effectively no contract commitment as each SIM can be returned for £40 at any time and agreement is cancelled
  • Portal available (if required – no additional cost) that shows data usage in real time.
  • For peace of mind, a cap can be put on the SIM if required at any level.
  • Advice and 'insider' knowledge provided to ensure that the project is viable at your location.

Data prices if over 250MB is used in any calendar month:
Annual keep-alive fee, payable in advance: £99 includes up to 250MB per month

Example prices :

Data Allowance Price
250MB to 500MB £29+VAT
500MB to 1GB £29+VAT
1GB to 2GB £34+VAT
2GB to 4GB £44+VAT
4GB to 8GB £59+VAT
8GB to 16GB £91+VAT
16GB to 32GB £129+VAT
32GB to 48GB £179+VAT
48GB to 64GB £224+VAT
Each additional 1GB £3.50+VAT

Sign Up

For more information or to sign up for this service please complete the following simple form and a representative will contact you to discuss your requirements. (Please note the SIM reps are not based at Solwise HQ, you will need to complete the online form, we will not be able to handle your enquiries at HQ)

Please note that data SIMS do NOT include voice calls or SMS 'texts' in their allowance. Although these items may be supported by the service they will be charged, typically 10p per minute/text.