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Solwise 3G router with modem - just insert SIM card

  • A maximum of 7.2Mbps download and 5.76Mbps upload speeds over a 3G network.
  • 2.4Ghz 11n/g Wi-Fi
  • 4 Ethernet ports (one configurable as WAN)
  • PSTN port for use of a telephone to make calls
  • Fail-over mode (e.g. 3G connectivity upon broadband failure)
  • External antennas supported, 5dBi detachable (ReSMA) 3G antenna included
  • Flexible power supply options



The popular NET-3G-434-T is a versatile 3G router and provides a means of accessing the web using a data-only SIM card. As well as providing a Wi-Fi signal it also has 4 Ethernet ports that can allow you to connect to the router by either means whether it is a wireless device such as a smartphone or by directly connecting a computer via an Ethernet cable.

Telephone calls can be made through the router by connecting a conventional telephone to its PSTN port and dialling a number just like any other call, however the connection is made over the 3G network so a data-only SIM card must be used. You may incur additional charges from your provider for making calls - please check beforehand

A Fail-over mode also features which allows for the redundancy of a broadband internet connection when the 434-T is connected to a broadband router via an Ethernet cable. If the service from your provider ever goes down, the 434-T will awake from its idle state and connect to a 3G network to allow for a virtually uninterrupted connection.

Once the SIM card is inserted the configuration consists of simply logging into the router using a web-browser on whatever device you have connected and then inputting your network provider’s APN details. However you can quite simply plug in the SIM card without any kind of configuration as the 434-T will automatically recognise the network provider of the SIM (if you are using the device in the UK).

Port forwarding to the device can be achieved by using a fixed-IP address SIM card. This can allow the router to be used for remote access to an IP security camera, a server, a monitoring device, etc.

The supplied antenna will receive a consistently good signal if the 3G coverage is generally decent where you are, but you may want to consider the option of using an external antenna if you are a fair distance from your nearest 3G network mast. This would be particularly beneficial if you intend to use the 434-T while on the move.
(Please note: you may require the ADAP-SMASRSMAP socket adapter if using an external antenna with an SMA connector)

The router’s power supply port is a mini-USB, this allows for flexible power supply options. We would suggest using the PSU-CAR-5V2AMP and the CABLE-USBA5PMINI if you wish to power the 434-T from a vehicle’s cigarette lighter. You could even use the PSU-12VtoDualUSB if you need to power the unit from a 12V leisure battery.
Frequency Bands HSUPA Tri-band: 850/1900/2100MHz for 7.2Mbps downlink and 5.76Mbps uplink
EDGE quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900MHz for 236.8Kbps downlink
Technical Specifications -LED Indicator x 5(PWR, 3G, WIFI, WAN & LAN)
-Compliance to 802.11b/g standard with 100mV transmission power
-Wireless Access Point &Router
-MAC Clone
-WEP 64-bit/128-bit Encryption WPA-PSK/WPS2 PSK Radius Server
Ports -DC Power Input x 1 5V 2A
-10/100 Ethernet RJ-45 x 4 (as WAN or LAN)
-RJ11 PSTN port  
-ReSMA Antenna Connector (HSUPA only)
-SIM card slot
Environment Requirements Operating Temperature:-20 to +60 degrees C
Humidity: 95% (non-condensing)
Dimension and Weight

Dimension: 150 x 112 x 25mm
Weight: 274g

Operating System Support All OS
Power Supply

5V USB power supply 3-pin (UK) mains adapter supplied - No Euro version available currently

Can also be powered by a standard mini USB vehicle supply.

User Manual Download here 02.05.13

Computer Takeaway Review

November 2010


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