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Solwise Battery powered 3G router with built in modem

  • 802.11n WiFi. Max 300Mbps downstream/upstream
  • No restriction on number of users
  • Use any SIM! Not tied into any Telco
  • Fail-over backup mechanism to ensure your network connectivity
  • One-touch WPS button for  secure wireless network inter-connection
  • Long Battery Life
  • Rapid charge
  • USB port: can be used for charging other devices, such as your phone!
  • Can be independently charged away from your computer
  • Ethernet port for connecting to your router or computer
  • UPnP, QoS, VPN pass-through, advanced firewall security with port filter, URL blocking support




The Solwise 3G-183n has a high capacity LI-ON battery and a built in modem. You simply insert your SIM card into the SIM slot, use the simple set-up and you can then share the 3G connection via the 11n WiFi access point.

The 3G-183n has a Fail-over backup mechanism to ensure your network connectivity. It has a one touch WPS button for secure wireless network connection.

The Router is self-contained so there is no need for a separate power adapter or external USB modem for Internet connection.  As long as there is 3G signal, you can create your own hotspot wherever you are!  You can get your computer, iPad, gaming gear, smart phone, photo
frame online in minutes.

The 3-183n uses cutting-edge Green WLAN "Active-ECO" technology, which controls, automatically, the power consumption in accordance with WLAN and Ethernet activities, there is no setting up or push-button required.

Whether your requirement is for in-car Internet, campus network access,  Internet activities at trade shows or just a home network where ADSL does not reach, the '183n' helps you establish the Internet connection in minutes.  

Download specification datasheet

1 x 10Base/100M Base-TX, Auto MDI / MDI-X

(Can be used as WAN via setting)
WLAN IEEE 802.11n (802.11b/g backward compatible)
Antenna Internal antenna x 2, 2T2R
Power Supply 12V DC power adapter, LI-ON battery, or mini USB: 5VDC, 2A
Dimensions 91 x 78 x 30 (mm)
Battery Life

Not a scientific test by any means but in our own testing here at Solwise we found that with the battery fully charged we got the following result:

With one laptop connected downloading Windows update, and then continuously streaming from Spotify, charge lasted 6.5 hours.

User Manual Download here 19.07.11
Quick installation guide Download here 18.04.11
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