3G/4G Fixed IP SIM cards

Solwise has partnered up with Europe's leading M2M & IoT Managed Services Provider to supply fixed IP SIM cards with public IP address assignments.

Fleet managementThe UK mobile networks provide dynamic, private IP address assignments to 3G/4G devices which in most cases are perfectly adequate for home and general business use. Your Mobile Broadband internet connection is routed through a NAT firewall in your provider’s data centre, which adds security but also restricts the ability to connect to your Mobile Broadband device from the Internet.

Your provider will not be able to cater for any port forwarding requirements you may have, so an end-to-end connection to your device will not be possible even if your device is a 3G/4G router. This limitation can also prevent site-to-site cellular connections from being established for VPN applications and can be vital in M2M (machine-to-machine) or IoT (internet-of-things) services. It's also worth noting that even services like No-IP or DynDNS will also not work on the virtual addresses from your provider. So, for example, services like remote access to IP cameras will also not work. For these services you need a fixed/public IP address.

Typical Applications:

  • 3G / 4G Failover Internet connections
  • Secure remote management
  • SMTP mail server
  • Site-to-site 4G connections
  • Digital Media / Advertising
  • Access to IP CCTV cameras
  • Vehicle telemetry systems
  • Fleet management systems
  • Retail POS systems
  • Vending machines

Digital SignageOur service also includes a free to use SIM management platform which allows you complete visibility, control, billing and management of SIM estates, regardless of mobile network. This service is designed to view the activity of large SIM estates so you can easily monitor and manage your SIM activity. Accessed over the cloud, there is no requirement for software downloads; yet, security is 100% with multi-level access. The key to this service is its ability to deliver real-time reporting, accessed at all times, from anywhere.

Fixed IP SIM packages are available on all the common providers including EE, Vodafone, O2, '3', with data usage per month from 1GB to 128GB (dependent upon the operator) and a minimum 24 month contract.





Example prices:

Provider Data Allowance Price
Vodafone 3/4G 5GB / month £25+VAT
EE 4G 5GB / month £27+VAT
O2 3/4G 1GB / month £21+VAT
Three 3/4G 10GB / month £39+VAT
EE 3G 20GB / month £58+VAT

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For more information or to sign up for this service please complete the following simple form and a representative will contact you to discuss your requirements. (Please note the SIM reps are not based at Solwise HQ, you will need to complete the online form, we will not be able to handle your enquiries at HQ)

Please note that data SIMS do NOT include voice calls or SMS 'texts' in their allowance. Although these items may be supported by the service they they will be charged, typically 10p per minute/text.