WL-PATRIOT-DB Reverse SMA Antenna Connectors Package Contents LEDs 2.4GHz and 5GHz antenna Ethernet port Mounting Bracker PoE Injector - front and back view Optional extra: mounting with suction cups Optional extra: mounting with jubilee clip Optional extra: mounting with u-bolt and saddle




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Solwise Outdoor PoE Dual-Band AP/CPE

  • IEEE 802.11 ac/a/b/g/n standards
  • WiFi speeds up to 2.4Ghz 150Mbps and 5Ghz 433Mbps
  • Weatherproof RJ45 connector with integrated passive Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Passive PoE support for flexible deployment
  • Provides high performance over long range links
  • Up to 1000mW of transmit power and enhanced receive sensitivity
  • Robust weatherproof case – IP Rating 65
  • Operations modes; Router, AP, Repeater and WISP (Client Router)
  • High security with 802.11X, WAP, and WPA2
  • 3 LEDs display signal strength
  • Built in lightning protection (15kV ESD)

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WL-PATRIOT-DB-MNT & Suction Cup Kit*

Wall mount for Patriot-DB. Includes 2 suction cups. (See photograph in images selection above)
(Please note this kit will show as two separate part codes in the checkout)

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WL-PATRIOT-DB-MNT & Jubilee Clip Kit*

Wall Rail mount for Patriot-DB. Includes 30mm jubilee clip. (See photograph in images selection above)
(Please note this kit will show as two separate part codes in the checkout)

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Rail/Pole mount for Patriot-DB. Includes 1.25inch u-bolt and a saddle. (See photograph in images selection above)
(Please note this kit will show as three separate part codes in the checkout)

1.25 inch U-Bolt for 32mm pole.
Constructed from mild steel and bright zinc plated.


The Solwise Patriot Dual Band can be used as a general-purpose outdoor access point and includes a range of additional modes enabling it to function as a high performance WiFi client device. These capabilities allow the Patriot-DB to receive weak WiFi signals in caravan/lodge parks, campsites, marinas, and similar spaces where public wireless services are made available.

When the campsite offers WiFi but your ‘van is right at the other end of the site you may need something to help you get a better signal, the Solwise Patriot range are perfect for this. The antenna will receive the campsite WiFi signal and the supplied cable threads through into the ‘van which you plug straight into your laptop.  

Many campers are not bothering to take laptops on holiday anymore preferring the simplicity of an iPad/tablet or just using their smart-phones to keep in touch with social networking or to find local attractions. These ‘smart’ devices rarely have the right connectors so the beauty of the Patriot is you can connect it up to an internal Access Point which then creates a mini hotspot in your ‘van allowing you to connect your iPad/tablet, Smartphone, notebook, laptop or handheld games console to the campsite WiFi. See the 'You may want to consider' section above to find a suitable access point.

The Patriot-DB has the capability to relay WiFi by simultaneously receiving a signal on the 2.4GHz band and broadcasting on the 5GHz band, or even vice-versa, effectively boosting the connectivity and speed on handheld client devices like smartphones and tablets from otherwise weak WiFi networks. We would, however, advise caution using the repeater functions in public spaces due to interference and bandwidth restriction issues.

Where the outer walls of a lodge, vehicle, or vessel may prove restrictive for wireless signals, the Patriot-DB could be mounted to the exterior to establish a connection to the site’s WiFi network and connected to a suitable indoor access point/router to provide a private service within your boat/van/lodge.

*Please note the WL-PATRIOT-DB-MNT is a new mounting bracket for this device, the mounting bracket for the other Patriots in our range will not fit the PATRIOT-DB.

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Download specification datasheet  
Ports 1 x WAN / LAN (10/100 BaseT)
Button 1 x Reset 8s

Power, WAN / LAN, Wi-Fi,

3 x Signal strength
Chipset MT7688A+7610E
Power Supply

DC24V / 0.5A Power over Ethernet (Passive PoE)

(Mains power adapter included.)
Mains Adapter Input: 100-240 Vac. 50 / 60hz
Standard IEEE 802.11b/g/n/a/ac
Frequency Band(s) 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz
Transmit Power 30dBm max
Antennas 2 x 7Dbi Detachable Omni Directional (RSMA Connectors)
Operating Temperature 30°C to 70°C (-22 to 158°F)

Unit only: 18cm x 5cm x 5cm

Antennas: 25cm
IP Rating 65
User Manual Download here 20.09.19
High Resolution Images Download here 23.07.19
Article - Antenna Choices for your Vehicle, by  Louise Barrett

Article - Antenna Choices for your Vehicle, by Louise Barrett

The Solwise antenna range has traditionally contained antennas that have been mounted on a pole or on a wall/building/portable building but in more recent times we are seeing more antennas used on vehicles. These include a wide range of vehicles such as cars, buses, lorries, caravans, motorhomes, boats, barges and even a space agency, an F1 team, mountain rescue teams and a defence contractor have all bought antenna hardware from us so who knows where some vehicle antenna have ended up!
Across our range we offer permanent and temporary solutions for antennas to mount on your vehicle; these antennas cover WiFi solutions and Mobile Data Solutions which means we have something for most situations.
Article - The Connected Camper, by  Louise Barrett

Article - The Connected Camper, by Louise Barrett

Real world article from Louise Barrett of Solwise on how she uses Solwise USB kit when away with her family in their Motorhome.