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Passive Power over Ethernet Switch PSW-508D

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Are you using access points or outdoor WiFi units that use a non-standard PoE power supply?
Would you like to power these products from a switch but they won’t work with standard 48V PoE switches?

Well the answer is the PSW-508D passive PoE switch from Solwise!

The PSW-508D is an 8 Gigabit port PoE switch which allows you to fix the PoE voltage simply by changing the power supply used with the switch.  This means if you use a 12V power supply then the PoE voltage is 12V. Use a 15V power supply and it’s 15V. Use a 24V power supply and it’ll supply 24V PoE. It’s that easy!

Maximum current on each port is 1Amp (this is the specified limit for current allowed on an RJ45 LAN connector) so, for example, use a 4A 24V power supply and all 7 PoE ports will be able to supply 12W and 24V or you could have 4 ports giving one Amp at 24V.


POE-PSW-508D Switch

8 Port 10/100/1000 Power over Ethernet switch with 7 Proprietary PoE ports

  • 8 x Gig ports auto-negotiation Fast Ethernet RJ45 with 7 port PoE Functions
  • Supports 12V~48V (Max 1A per port) from switch to powered device (PoE AP, PoE IP Camera, IP Phone)
  • Switch device input voltage: 12V DC ~ 48V DC
  • £43.10 inc VAT & Delivery.  Power supply is NOT included
  • 4A/24V power supply £9.82 inc VAT

Pricing correct as of 17.11.15.

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