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New product: Solwise 2 Megapixel Indoor/outdoor VR WiFi camera

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Solwise 2 Megapixel Indoor/outdoor VR WiFi camera


  • 180° Wide Angle
  • High Resolution 2Megapixel
  • Wireless Connection
  • 960P
  • Motion Detection
  • 3D Perspective
  • P2P Cloud
  • Remote Control


The VR3 covers an entire room with a single 180 degrees wide angle lens. Unlike a traditional pan-and-tilt camera the VR cameras give you simultaneous all round viewing without having to change the angle or direction. By using a state of the art wide angle fish eye lens it can offer you an amazing 180 degrees view enabling you to cover all areas without having to pan or tilt or change viewing angle. The camera is simple to install onto a wall (180 degree viewing angle) and provide a high resolution image with excellent light properties. Ideal for any large space such as an office or garage an, due to it’s all round coverage, one camera can be used where your otherwise need several traditional pan/tilt models.

Can be viewed using an app (Android or Apple products are supported) with ‘cloud’ operation or a Windows compatible CMS software.



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