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Published: 16/09/2014 9:57 am
Category: Firmware Updates

WAS-WG-500P: New Firmware

New features:

  1) Support Volume Base Profile

Now customer can configure the volume base billing on WG-500P, the configuration UI under the path: Advanced Setup/Billing/Billing.


2) Support Free Trial function.

Now customer can configure the Free Trial function for subscriber, subscriber can use free trial hotspot Internet service by volume or by time, the UI is under the path: Advanced Setup/Billing/Accounting/Free Trial.


3) Support Login page auto-resizing function.

Now customer can enable the login page Auto-Resizing function on WG-500P, the configuration UI is under path:Advanced Setup/System/Customization/Auto-Resizing.


After upgrading the latest fw, please do “hardware reset” and reconfigure again.

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