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Published: 06/09/2013 10:14 am
Last Edit: 29/05/2014 2:06 pm
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Send a text to your router to reboot it with the Solwise SMS-REMOTEPLUG

T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, so you decide to pop out, and deliver those last minute presents, it will save you a job tomorrow! Traffic is a nightmare and then you remember you forgot to switch the tree lights off! It will be ok you think, but you have that niggling doubt, you have heard all the scare stories! What do you do, turn around, drive home and turn them off?  No, you text the tree lights and they switch themselves off!!  What I hear you cry, how can they do that?

That is a very simple example of what the Solwise SMS-REMOTEPLUG can do, however, traditionally used in the healthcare industry to monitor the temperature in patient’s homes, the SMS-REMOTEPLUG has many other uses. Here at Solwise we think it is ideal if you need to reboot your Broadband Router or even your Access Point remotely!

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Published: 26/06/2013 9:12 am
Category: Firmware Updates

Firmware – NET-PLV-200AV-PE_MK2


Firmware v1.1.0-02 – Some users have had some issues with the power save function on these units where the units wouldn’t come out of sleep mode. This firmware version fixes this problem. If your units are working okay for you then we would advise you do NOT do this f/w update

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