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Published: 12/03/2015 2:03 pm
Last Edit: 12/03/2015 2:05 pm
Category: Firmware Updates

IP COM Managed Solution: New Firmware updates

Firmware to change FIT into FAT AP’s

Firmware to facilitate centralised management

Firmware to facilitate centralised management

Published: 26/01/2015 10:47 am
Last Edit: 26/01/2015 11:00 am
Category: Case Studies/Guest Posts

Internet Connection in Remote Locations – Dartmoor Rescue Group

This article first appeared in Mountain Rescue Magazine. Winter 2015 issue

Mountain Rescue Magazine

Mountain Rescue Magazine

With increasing use being made of web-based applications such as SARLOC, SARCALL and ViewRanger (BuddyBeacon) together with the clear advantages of being able to connect MRMap to its servers, the availability of an Internet connection to Search Managers has become increasingly important.  This presents relatively little difficulty when teams are managed from a fixed location, such as a Rescue Centre of Police Station, but is more challenging when mobile Control Vehicles are used.  This short article describes how the Dartmoor Rescue Group (DRG) is attempting to solve the problem and is written in the hope that our approaches may be of interest to other teams.  Continue reading…

Published: 07/01/2015 4:24 pm
Last Edit: 07/01/2015 4:26 pm
Category: News

You could be prosecuted if your broadband interferes with radio signals

This headline comes from an article from The Telegraph. Click here to read

A number of customers email/posted the link to us asking had we seen it and what did we think. Paul Stephenson, Solwise MD, has written the following response:

As the leading UK brand of HomePlug, Solwise has had a number of conversations with Ofcom about this technology and we have been assured that all our products comply with current legislation.  Of course any user with a product which causes interference problems for their neighbours could be required, under threat of legal action, to solve the problem.  This would be true whether the offending device was a fridge, a microwave oven or a piece of home networking equipment.

Generally speaking, a review of the regulations concerning the leakage of radio frequency signals from electronic products into the environment via the electrical mains wiring should be welcomed by HomePlug users.  Many modern electronic devices pass quite high levels of radio noise onto the mains, notably low-energy lamps, mobile phone chargers and the power supplies for fibre broadband routers.  This noise quickly dissipates into the environment, potentially annoying your neighbours, but not before it ‘deafens’ Homeplug devices plugged into nearby sockets.  This noise can reduce HomePlug performance so a further tightening of the regulations may be beneficial to HomePlug users.  Unlike this accidental noise, a HomePlug device inserts a tiny radio signal which is carefully tailored to stay within the mains wiring until it reaches its receiving HomePlug partner.

Continue reading…

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