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Published: 12/07/2016 1:57 pm
Last Edit: 20/07/2016 9:18 am
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Media: WiFi Booster kit for Boats, Caravans & Motorhomes

Solwise WiFi Booster Kit

WiFi Booster KitYorkshire based Solwise have condensed their USB antenna,
WiFi Router and all of the appropriate sundries into one handy
WiFi Booster kit. This kit is ideal for caravanners, motorhomers
and boaters. The kit includes a WiFi antenna to be mounted on
the outside of your unit, this terminates with a USB connector
which can either be plugged straight into your laptop or it can
be plugged into the WiFi hotspot router included in the kit.
The router in turn will distribute the internet connection
wirelessly inside your unit allowing you to connect up
smartphones, tables and laptops.

The kit includes a variety of antenna mounting brackets to suit
whatever your needs are, these include suction cups for mounting
direct to the side of your caravan or motorhome, jubilee clip to
attach the antenna to any rails or a ladder you may have on the
unit and a u-bolt and saddle to mount directly on boat rails.

The WiFi Booster kit will give you the best chance of capturing
a weak signal and providing a strong signal inside and around
the vehicle. All the family can connect their WiFi devices to
your service. You can event connect a wired device such as
a TV or set-top box. Continue reading…

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